New Rates !!!

Naira Payments now Accepted !!!

$3.50/lb Clearing fees included

We Are pleased to offer our customers the new low rate above.

This rate:
1. For pick up from our Lagos office only.
2. Includes clearing fees.

If you need your packages delivered, Please see our shipping with delivery fees here =>

                                               Volumetric weight

The size of your packages may affect how much you are charged.
Because the volume or weight that can be loaded into an aircraft is limited, we take in to account the amount of space your packages occupy on the aircraft.

Chargeable weight:
This is the weight you are charged for. The chargeable weight of a shipment will either be:

Actual weight
(weight displayed on the scale)


Volumetric weight
which is calculated from the dimensions of the package
(L in x W in x H in) / 166 = weight in pounds (lbs)

We charge you whichever is the highest.

Please note.

All units are Inches and Pounds (lb.)
ALL figures should be rounded up to the next whole. e.g.†5.2 inches = 6 inches, 40.1lb = 41lb


Chargeable weight: This is the weight you are charged for. It is whichever is higher between the actual weight and the volumetric weight.

Actual weight:
This is the weight as shown on the scale.

Volumetric weight (Dim Wt):

(Also called volume weight or dimensional weight)

Itís a billing method of charging for air freight shipments which takes into account the length, width, and height of a package. As a general practice, the product of length, width, and height (in inches) of the package is divided by 166 to get weight in pounds.

                                 Oversize Charge

Oversize surcharges may apply if any single item:

  • Exceeds 120lb (54kg)
  • Any dimension exceeds 60 inches.
  • Is delivered to us using a liftgate or forklift
  • Is delivered to us on a pallet/skid and will be shipped as such
  • Oversize shipments may be subject to delays by the airlines


Other Payment Options

$2.80/lb Shipping fees to Lagos
=N=350/lb clearing fees to be paid in Lagos


      $4.50/lb Shipping & Clearing fees       if payment is made in Nigeria.

This does not include delivery to your           location, please see below.

     2. Full payment must be made before          collection of packages.


 Please add $1.00/lb for out of      Lagos destinations OR local delivery.

Minimum Weights
lb for packages to our Lagos office
100lb for packages going outside Lagos
100lb for packages to your door in Lagos

Delivery Rates

Pick up
At Lagos Office
To your location
Pick up At Airport
100lb Minimum weight
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